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MirrorAthlete® Fitness Secrets, ORIGIN: The origins of MirrorAthlete, Inc., go back to Marc Woodard’s fitness consulting days after receiving a B.S., in Exercise Science, 1988 at Portland State University, OR.

Prior to 2001, the definition of MirrorAthlete was simply defined as how to build a naturally fit healthy mind, body and spirit within environment relative to the individual through customized fitness and healthy habits programming.

Then the definition was expanded upon to include a comprehensive Fit Healthy Philosophy founded 2007.  That fitness philosophy is based on 18 principles covered in the 18 chapter book soon to be released 2017 {Learn More.  Click on book update tab above}.

MirrorAthlete has evolved as a principled fitness and healthy lifestyle philosophy that provides sought after fitness secrets the marketplace hopes you never get your hands on.

For good reason.  Once you have this information there’s no need to use any fast weight lose results product, diet plan, anabolic, performance enhancement or fitness gimmick found in the marketplace… and they lose money.  Find out how to achieve healthy longevity, wellbeing, weight loss and build muscle mass and so much more naturally.

There is a way to improve fitness levels, health and quality of lifestyle regardless of physical challenges, environment, health condition, physical ability or financial short comings.  Especially when armed with consumer safety and professional fit healthy lifestyle consultant information to make informed decisions that’s right for you and your family and without increasing health risk.

Notices, Policies, Disclaimers, Company Mission and Values 

MirrorAthlete is owned and operated by Elizabeth Woodard serving as president of the company with business operations and management experience.  She has a Master’s in Education from National University and undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Portland State University, OR

Marc Woodard is the founder of MirrorAthlete Corp and sits on the board of directors as secretary.  He has expertise in fitness and healthy living consulting with relative business operations experience, including specialized military training as a Medical Services Corp., Army Officer, ARNG, Retired.  Professional degrees:   MBA, National University, CA and Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Science from Portland State University, OR. MirrorAthlete became incorporated on 29 December 2010 in the state of Oregon. Latest update:  9 March 2017

General Policies

Patrons that want and need access to free fitness, health and pain management information can receive it at “no cost” here in our free articles repository.   MirrorAthlete® Fitness Secrets Publications” information is a way we give back to others and live life to the fullest.

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MirrorAthlete Corp., Indemnity Disclaimer

MirrorAthlete will not be held liable for any damages as a result of product purchases or information taken and used personally from this site.  We are simply providing information. It is the sole responsibility of the consumer to seek professional medical advisement before applying any information, service or product found at this site.

A prudent person with health issues, or known food allergies, pathologies, neurological, muscular skeletal injuries, diabetes, obesity, terminal medical conditions, etc., requires medical consultation from their primary physician[s] before applying any information or product, or service gathered through MirrorAthletes articles, various media and social networks, etc.

By all means, learn from the material.  For example, books,  health  articles, eBooks, health repository, health media, chronic pain center, Newsletter,  1:1 chat rooms, etc.,  This includes all information sharing connected to others “blogs, social networks, threads, story boards, community social rooms, etc.  Including any other unique pain management information, pain alleviation stories, and information found throughout our site and/or affiliate or other posted/linked sites serving as a resource.  We encourage our customers to share this information with their primary care physician, nutritionist, therapist, etc.” It is up to the consumer and patient to make decisions in coordination with medical health conditions and medical treatment professionals.

MirrorAthlete Corp., accepts no responsibility in any manner a patron choses to use the information found at this site.  The site visitor has hereby been warned that a primary care physician must approve and determine and prescribe relative medical treatment or determine if healthy enough to participate in exercise and other similar activity.  And thereby waive any right to hold the company liable of any damages, claim, fines, fees, punishment or litigation etc., for improper use of such information found at this site.

MirrorAthlete is Not a Cure-All Information Site

It must be stated there are injuries, illness and disease that are so severe and chronic… Regardless of technology, health information, alternative homeopathic products, services, treatment etc., they may be of no use or harmful to the patient.  If you are seeking a “CURE ALL, OR ARE TERMINALLY ILL we do not have what you seek.”  See your medical provider and get medical treatment immediately if you have any acute or chronic illness or disease. Those that would attempt to find a cure all, or product for a terminally ill medical condition(s) will not find that information here.  This is beyond our mission statement, vision and expertise.   We will never endorse medical hype and would never play doctor.  It is always our recommendation if you choose to apply any health, nutrition, fitness or pain alleviation information…  we advise you to work with your primary health care provider and medical specialists.

Mission Statement and Company Values

Mission Statement

“To provide customized and relative fitness, nutrition, healthy
lifestyle and ill-health prevention education information for the Mind, Body and Spirit for all ages.”.

Be sure to subscribe to our “FREE” Monthly Newsletter subscription “Looking at Yourself Got Health?”  MirrorAthlete®Saving a Nation in Pain which led to the principles of our unique  principled fit healthy lifestyle philosophy.  This information is also the genesis of our first book publication in 2017 and funding source to “Save a Nation in Pain,” outreach platform.

Company Values

Keeping families, community and  nation’s health, wellbeing and productivity sustainable through ill-health prevention education including fitness and healthy lifestyle education valued by the next generation.

General Site Use indemnity disclaimer

When you use the site whether your a registered user or not, you consent to our policies and hold MirrorAthlete Corp., harmless of any damages, liability, punishment, tort claims, personal injury etc.  A non site user can subscribe to a newsletter or read articles for free.  Therefor let it be known and you’ve been warned any use of site materials that may cause harm to you personally or passed onto someone else causing harm… it is agreed through site access and use of site materials used or passed onto others, you have no claim against MirrorAthlete Corp.  Claims may include and not limited to personal injury, medial illness or disease aggravation caused through site information use approved or not approved by a medical doctor.

MirrorAthlete Business Operation in the State of Oregon and Trademark

MirrorAthlete Corp., is a registered trademark and business entity doing business within the City of Tigard, Oregon. Incorporated 29 Dec 2010.

Contact us

If there are any questions regarding site use and policies including free article and other information, you may contact us at info@mirrorathlete.com or PO Box 23303, Tigard, OR 97223

Owner and Author email address:

Elizabeth Woodard at info@mirrorathlete.com (President)

Marc Woodard at woodamarc@mirrorathlete.com  (Secretary)

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