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Learn More About MirrorAhtlete Fit Healthy Lifestyle Principles and 1st Book Publication

Whether it's natural strength, muscle building, safe weight loss or anti-aging and consumer safety information you seek... find these topics within our articles repository.

Marc T. Woodard, Founder and Author of MirrorAthlete Inc., Picture taken 4 May 2018 View Autobiography Now

Our soon to be released Principled Fit Healthy Lifestyle book is 98% Complete 

    This 10 year book project has all the hard to find information you need to build a relative fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle program that's safe, natural and right for you.

Learn more about this 10 year book project by clicking:

CLICK - "MirrorAthlete Principled Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy;" OR CLICK - "MirrorAthlete's Book Saving an Overweight and Unfit Nation in Pain."

Update: 5/4/ 2018 - MirrorAthlete 1st Book Publication Progress is 98% Complete.

  - The 2nd Editorial Review Process is Complete.
  - Author now scrubbing through Editorial Polish Phase [for next 30 days].
  - All Tables and Forms are Complete. 274 Citations requires some reformat.
  - Advertising budget approved - 5 Major cities, plus ~10m social media Target Ads.
  - 55 pictures & Forms and Tables professionally designed and complete.
  - Pictured Inserts formatted and ready to submit to graphic design team.
  - Approximate Word Volume 107.5k. Official Title of Book soon to be released.
  - Estimated date to Publication - On Target to be published within CY2018

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